The New Jersey Courts will conduct their proceedings via "Virtual Court" through Zoom. My office is ready to participate in Virtual Court on Zoom in a way that makes it easy for clients to participate.
As always, I am available for consultations via teleconference and videoconference.

When Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Toms River, NJ?

Protect Your Rights and the Deal You Made With Mike's Guidance

Every home buyer and business owner can benefit from excellent legal guidance. Look to Michael B. Cooke, Attorney at Law when you need a knowledgeable real estate attorney in Toms River, NJ. Mike Cooke was a real estate salesperson in New Jersey for five years before starting his legal career, so he can provide unique insight into your closing for purchase or sale of residential or commercial property as well as rental transactions.
Do you need an attorney for your transaction? Ask Mike if:

  • You're closing on a home, sale, or purchase.
  • You're selling or buying commercial property.
  • You need help understanding a real estate contract or sale or lease.
  • You need help dealing with a municipality regarding regulations or an ordiance violation.

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